Friday, October 25, 2013

Own the Moment

 The concept of time, unique to us humans, only exists in this very moment.  Our past is in the history books.  And our future doesn’t exist until the moment arrives when we can take action to leave our imprint. 

So when an opportunity presents itself that could catapult you and your talent to the next level and change your life, take the risk in that moment. There is a line I wrote for the Oil Painter’s of America award we present annually. It is “I applaud every OPA member who takes creative risks.”  Just imagine all the different “schools” of art that came about when artists tried other surfaces beyond the cave walls.  The joy of being an artist is to try the untried.
"Showtime" by Daniel Livingston
So go ahead and boldly brush that bright orange “light” on the cheek of the portrait you’re painting. You may tone it down later but take the leap now.  Sign up for the Third Annual Plein Air Convention in April in Monterey.  You know you want to attend because you’ve heard it is a life changing experience.  Submit your best work to an online contest to bring your work to the attention of a vast audience.  The RayMar online contest is the risky idea I created in 2005 to showcase artists and their work. We are near the close of the seventh contest and are inviting judges for the eight contest that begins in April 2014.  Other contests have adopted my original format for even more opportunities to expose your art. 

 Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind”.  I have come to believe the most successful artists are disciplined to be ready for challenges. So seize each opportunity when it arrives.  Go beyond being in the moment and own the moment when all that you’ve worked for in the past meshes together as you shoot for the stars in your future. 

- Catherine Dietrich