Monday, April 1, 2013

Artist Demos, In the Style of the Scottsdale Artist’s School

The Scottsdale Artist’s School has created a series of events to accompany their workshop program.  Beginning last October and scheduled through May, selected instructors paint a portrait or figure demo at the school or the nearby Legacy Gallery.  RayMar was invited to be a sponsor and I was excited that I could attend and bring a guest, as well as support the school.

The events have captured the interest of the art community.   Each special event is a condensed mini workshop and is perfect for the artist whose schedule does not permit a week long class.  The demos take place on the expansive second floor of the Legacy Gallery where the audience is surrounded by beautiful art.  With lights, sound projection and a large screen video of the painting in progress, it is a performance.  But even with fifty or more in attendance, a sense of intimacy pervades. The artists answer questions and often share their personal philosophies about life and art through anecdotes from their artistic journey.

I feel the learning opportunities inherent in a live painting demonstration surpass instructional books and lectures. The on the spot lessons from the demos by Daniel Keys, Casey Baugh, Jeffrey Watts, Robert Liberace, Romel de la Torre and David Kassan were invaluable and I learned a lot. David donated revenues from his demo to his new Kassan foundation to assist a visual artist and a musician each year. RayMar donated a 12 x 16 panel carrier filled with three panels that was raffled off to support the school.

Congratulations to the Scottsdale Artist’s School for creating an exciting venue beyond the traditional classroom! The best news is the school has planned more artist demonstrations for the next school term.  So if you plan to attend a Scottsdale Artist’s School workshop check to see if there will be an extra demo event planned with your favorite instructor!

Cathy Dietrich

Casey Baugh

  Jeffrey Watts
Nancy Guzik

Romel de la Torre

David Kassan