Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ready, Set, Blog!

Okay…so the blog meister at RayMar Art has not posted in eons. Blog fright perhaps?

Blogging slipped to the “backest” of burners and the range detectives had to be summoned to locate the forgotten burner to relight the flame. Or…. When you’re up to your ears in alligators its tough to remember it was your job to drain the swamp. This little graphic yarn was a favorite of our founder; which reminds me to thank our many artist customers who remember John and how much they enjoyed talking with him.

But that was then….now its now. RayMar Art’s blog is officially revived. Drum roll please!

The energy and passion that originally fueled RayMar has revisited co founder Cathy, artist, entrepreneur and novice blogger. She now puts on her “Blogs from R” hat with verve and heralds frequent blogs about art events and musings. So heeeeeere’s Cathy.

As a first time vendor at the recent national OPA show, RayMar sent me (Cathy), Emily and Elizabeth to man(woman?) our table, present our wares and meet artists. We are a product based but relationship driven company and have enjoyed knowing you through your work in magazines, your websites and your entries to our online contest. We’ve talked with you, processed your phone and internet orders but to connect names with faces and hobnob with you was a gargantuan thrill.

A close second on the “thrill-o-meter” was attending the OPA awards presentation. As Kathryn Beligratis, executive director of the OPA announced RayMar Art’s award and scanned the crowd for RayMar-ites, we raised our hands and smiled. We were doubly proud to be present as a sponsor for this important show of masterpiece paintings and to support representational art. Every one of the two hundred artists juried into the show was a winner!

It feels good to be back. I invite you to receive our blog, follow us on Twitter, and befriend us on Facebook.