Friday, December 20, 2013

Show me the paintings – Take 2 – Jeremy Lipking

Jeremy Lipking’s show was definitely a “Take 2” at the Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in New York. A near “deja-vu-esque” sensation following the show for Casey Baugh with the revisit of the same gallery, with a portrait and figure artist’s solo work. When I think of Jeremy’s body of work the term rock star wins out as a dead on description of who he is in the world of art today.
I’ve always believed there are rock stars in every field.  As the lyrics, “We all just want to be big rock stars”, by Nickelback suggests, we all want our brand to be like a rock star’s - a household name. Jeremy Lipking has achieved this status in the art world.  And for art lovers and collectors it is our joy to applaud his artistry.

 Lipking’s show was well attended (a packed gallery) and the enthusiastic crowd saw red dots go up quickly. Emily also attended this show and reconnected with many of our favorite artists and friends.  Michelle Dunaway, Kathy Anderson, Gregory Mortensen, Casey Baugh, Rosemary Ladd of the Putney Painters and many more were there to support Jeremy and see the body of work he produced this past year.
Danielle and Jeremy Lipking, with Emily Dietrich and Michelle Dunaway
 The paintings were sensitive, beautifully rendered and drew you in to the story that belied their two dimensional surface.  I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite but was drawn to Jeremy’s self portrait as Anders Zorn, a hero to many.  Unable to attend, I viewed his paintings online and felt a special thrill to have witnessed Jeremy’s development.  I still have the American Artist issue from May 2003 with a Lipking portrait on the cover with the caption, “Jeremy Lipking, a promising young artist.”  We at RayMar feel a special thrill to have watched him perfect his craft, and know him and his work on a personal level.

Self Portrait as Zorn Oil on linen 7x10"

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